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OCELOT history

OCELOT was born following Christophe Gravier’s PhD at Télécom Saint-Etienne, inside SATIN, a research team associated to the French Institut Télécom (formerly GET). The development of OCELOT is currently ongoing with Christophe Gravier, Marius Preda, associate professor at Télécom SudParis inside ARTEMIS, and Benjamin Jailly, currently PhD student inside SATIN.


For further information on the Research activities lead around OCELOT, do not forget to visit the Publications page.

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OCELOT is a complete solution framework + middleware based on the JOnAS J2EE certified server for your projects of remote and collaborative online remote instrumentation.

Using OCELOT, you can bring faster remote instrumentation solutions to your end-users. The possibilities range from remote laboratories, maintenance, Online Laboratories, Remote control of manufacturing etc.

See the demo video made at Télécom Saint-Etienne. (performed using the previous non multimedia version of OCELOT)

Multimedia. OCELOT uses interactive multimedia based on MPEG-4 BIFS to allow users interacting with remote devices. It enables using OCELOT from any kind of terminal (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc).

Collaborative. [Research works under progress for collaborative interactive multimedia]

Reusable. [Engineering being made to provide a code-free authoring tools to insert your device in a OCELOT instance]

These features can help you enhance your software in the following areas:


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We are very grateful to all entities that made and are making OCELOT possible.