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OCELOT history

OCELOT was born following Christophe Gravier’s PhD at Télécom Saint-Etienne, an engineerign school from both the Université Jean Monnet and the French Institut Télécom (formerly GET). The research continues thanks to Benjamin Jailly, currently PhD student, under the supervision of both Christophe Gravier (Télécom Saint-Etienne) and Marius Preda (Télécom SudParis).


For further information on the Research activities lead around OCELOT, do not forget to visit the Publications page.



OCELOT is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can download the source code of OCELOT using either direct download or SVN.

No binary release will be provided, due to license agreements. See the External Components section for more information.

zip file. A zip archive containing the latest release of OCELOT can be found here.

tar.gz file. A tar.gz archive containing tthe latest release of OCELOT can be found here.

SVN. You can also use the SVN repository hosted at OW2 to get the latest in development version of OCELOT.

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We are very grateful to all entities that made and are making OCELOT possible.