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Community will be glad to help you. But remember that members have no obligation of replying your request, so be nice and polite and everything will be OK :-).

For further information on the Research activities lead around OCELOT, do not forget to visit the Publications page.


Getting Help

Need Help ? The OCELOT community is here. Feel free to send a mail at:
  • ocelot-dev {at} ow2 {dot} org for development related questions
  • ocelot-users {at} ow2 {dot} org for users related questions
You can also have a look at the official online documentation.

Remember that this is a community, not a business. For business engagement, ask for commercial support.

Documentation. The online documentation is here to help you getting started with OCELOT.

Forum. A forum hosted at OW2 is here also to provide some help. Please use proper english and respect each and everyone.

Joining the Team. Interested in joining the team ? Please feel free to contact us, there's a lot to do !

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We are very grateful to all entities that made and are making OCELOT possible.